How to choose your subjects?

Choosing what subjects, you want to study can be tricky. Don’t choose a subject just because you think it is what employers want or because it is a subject to fall back on. Instead, think carefully before you decide and ask yourself…

5 Key Questions which you need to ask yourself in making your subject choices –

  1. What subjects do you enjoy?
  2. What subjects are you good at?
  3. How flexible do you want to be with your future study or career choices?
  4. Do you have a specific degree, job or industry in mind? Find out what the entry requirements are?
  5. What type of learning do you enjoy? Exams or coursework? Practical or theory?

After A Levels, many students go on to higher education either full time or part time, whilst others look for an apprenticeship or a job, or a combination of these. You need to make sure that your choice of A-Level subjects allows you to keep your options open if you haven’t got a specific career in mind, or will help you get the career or job you would like to do.

Things to consider –

  • A-Levels are a big step up from GCSEs – they are harder! So choose your subjects wisely. Your career or degree ideas may change so make sure you choose subjects which you like and can do well in.
  • If you are taking a science A-Level, you should consider whether you need to look at taking another Science or Mathematics, particularly if you are interested in scientific careers or degree courses.