Harrow Independent College (HIC) is a college specialising in Mathematics, Science and Economics. Our college aims to benefit students between the ages of 14-19. It is based in the heart of Harrow, in London.

The college strives to stimulate independent enquiry and intellectual curiosity, and to foster a secure sense of individuality. This is achieved within a framework of sensible discipline based on sound moral values. The relationship between staff and students, based on mutual trust and respect, is more relaxed than it might be at a traditional school. Harrow Independent College benefits from a strong and competitive community which fuels student learning.

The college tailors its teaching to individual student needs. From the point of entry to HIC, tutors work with each student to build a plan consisting of negotiated, individualised and realistic targets along with a work timetable to best ensure such aspirations are met. Those who struggle in a more traditional school environment are often those who benefit most from such personal profiling and individualised attention.

As the student progresses at HIC their ambitions and desires may change. Each week every student has a meeting with their tutor where the aims of the student plan are amended as needed. This process continues until the student exits HIC.

The main aim of HIC is to enable each student to achieve the outstanding grades they strive for so that they have the ability to gain entry to Russell Group and other universities.



HIC offers GCE A Level courses in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, ICT, Computer Science, German, French, Spanish and Italian. This range of courses caters for students wishing to undertake any area of study at university. The college has also started GCE A Level Engineering Courses this year. Our Applied A level in Engineering will develop learners’ understanding of the nature of different areas of engineering and the demand of the engineering industries, evaluating the social, economic and environmental impact these have on society and identifying ethical issues that may arise.

Learners will apply their knowledge of engineering and its practical and technological aspects through project-based practical study of engineering, design, production, commissioning and maintenance.

In a world where qualifications are increasingly important, the central concern of the college is to present each student with ambitious personal goals that are also realistic and attainable.

Tutors help to bring subjects alive with an extensive range of excursions and a comprehensive program of visiting speakers open to all. HIC recognises the importance of informed and passionate debate in the learning process and the college is keen to develop these skills in all of our students.


It can be difficult to know which subjects to choose at Advanced level, so we give expert advice on subject combinations. We have a wealth of knowledge about the university entrance system, which means we can help target subject choices accurately.

The college provides a flexible environment and we support freedom of movement between subjects and disciplines where this is necessary. If we are not able to determine an exact programme of study at the start of a course, it may be possible for the student to sit in on a number of subjects for a short period of time before deciding.

We can provide expert advice on the most suitable combination of subjects at interview (in person or by telephone) and during the course of study. The whole Advanced level programme combines high quality teaching with regular testing and homework, which are integral to examination success. Whilst grades remain the key focus, we never forget the importance of gaining a breadth of knowledge across all subject areas.


Many students following our courses are targeting medical schools or high-demand universities and so our target-setting on these courses is especially rigorous.

HIC is also well suited to those students who may have completed A levels but need to make some improvements to their grades. Each year we also welcome a number of students who are looking to enter the medical sciences as mature candidates, an area in which the college has great expertise.

The College also provides extensive counselling and advice on the new entry examinations such as UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test), BMAT (Bio-Medical Admission Test) and LNAT (Law National Aptitude Test). Internal preparation courses, coupled with interview practice and a programme of work experience where applicable, ensure the strongest university applications.

HIC believes that personal attention is the hallmark of a successful college. With this in mind, we have an average of just six students in each class, and we allocate a personal tutor to every student.


We never lose sight of the very specific examination requirements of each subject. HIC strongly believes examination testing to be integral to ensuring student success. Regular practice is a feature of which HIC is very proud. Students are tested once a fortnight in each subject, covering the previous fortnight’s work. This helps to build confidence and motivation. Results are monitored and discussed with students. Any concerns at this stage are reported to parents so that constructive conversations can take place.


If you are interested in joining Harrow Independent College, please contact the Admissions Officer on:

0044 (0)20 84236227

They will be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange a meeting with the Principal. At that meeting you will have the opportunity to discuss your options in depth and have a look around the college.