HIC aims to benefit students between the ages of 16-19 years by providing them with focused and personalised attention during their GCE A-Levels.

The college strives to stimulate independent enquiry and intellectual curiosity and to foster a secure sense of individuality. This is achieved within a framework of sensible discipline based on sound moral values. The relationship between staff and students, based on mutual trust and respect, is more relaxed than it might be at a traditional school. HIC benefits from a strong and competitive community which fuels student learning.

The college tailors its teaching to individual student needs. From the point of entry to HIC, our teachers work with each student to build a plan consisting of negotiated, individualised and realistic targets along with a work timetable to best ensure such aspirations are met. Those who struggle in a more traditional school environment are often those who benefit most from such personal profiling and individualised attention.

As the student progresses at HIC their ambitions and desires may change. Each week every student has a meeting with their personal tutor where the aims of the student plan are amended as needed.

The college aims for every student to achieve outstanding grades to be able to gain entry to Russell Group and other top UK universities.

With our outstanding GCE A-Level teaching and student support, we are the seamless stepping stone to university, apprenticeships and employment.

The college offers to aspiring GCE A-Level students with a fresh start, their choice of subjects and our specialist teachers’ guidance and support.