Career Advice

HIC is proud of its tradition of helping all students to fulfil their potential. In addition to our inspirational teaching and academic tutelage, HIC provides excellent student support in both the selection of and application to the most appropriate Higher Education institution.

HIC University Pathway and Career Advice Leader is Dr David Preston, who has more than twenty years experience offering individual career advice to those in education or employment. This service is offered to all currently registered students and all HIC Alumni members. During term time, each HIC student or Alumni member has the opportunity of a fortnightly meeting with Dr Preston to discuss their career plans.

Dr Preston can be emailed at any time and he will attempt to reply within 3 days.

Please contact him at:

Dr David Preston

Dr David Preston has degrees from the Universities of London, Loughborough and Sheffield. His main interests include the application of mathematics in industrial and commercial processes. An academic for over 20 years, David now consults for a range of international companies, including oil companies in Kazakhstan, training agencies in the US, and digital media firms in the UK