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What our students say?

Gurudaran Sabeshan, UCL (GCE A Level student 2016/17)

“HIC provided an excellent standard of teaching which allowed me to get the grades A* A A, which means that I can go to my dream University ( UCL) to study Statistics, Economics and Finance”

Gurudaran’s grades : Mathematics – A*, Further mathematics – A, Economics – A

Archanaa E, University College London (UCL)

“Learning at Harrow Independent College provided me with some of the best resources available for examinations from detailed notes to exam styled questions specifically prepared by the tutors at the centre. I developed good study habits along the way which helped me perform well in the summer exams”

Ayuran S, University of Bristol

“Kandiah was capable of providing such excellent classes through his own teaching methods and is known for having a very engaging learning environment which was beneficial for me. My experience was in fact a very enjoyable one; Kandiah was able to teach in a very open, stress free environment, ensuring that each and every student understood the topics he was teaching before moving on. Learning at HIC is a very interactive experience which really helps to re-enforce knowledge and I could see this improvement very literally in my grades”

“One thing in particular I liked about the learning here was the ability of the teacher to explain very complex ideas and concepts especially in physics and mathematics using simple analogies that are much easier to understand”

“The learning environment here is relaxed, and is mainly focused on each individual student achieving their own personal goals. I would fully recommend it for anyone willing to learn and improve  themselves”


Gurudaran Sabeshan – GCE A Level student for 2016-17

“HIC provided an excellent standard of teaching which allowed me to get the grades A* A A, which means that I can go to my dream University ( UCL) to study Statistics, Economics and Finance”

Gurudaran’s grades : Mathematics – A*, Further mathematics – A, Economics – A

JR, University of Cambridge

I chose Harrow Independent College because it tailors to the needs of each individual student, with tutors who are not only interested in their chosen subjects but who are also very skilled in teaching and aiding their students to grasp a true understanding of the subject at hand. It provides excellent support to students of all standards.

Harrow Independent College has a relaxed and friendly working environment. It felt very comfortable asking questions and this therefore allowed me to understand my subjects properly.

Harrow Independent College has given me a lot of individual care and attention which has aided me in achieving my best.

I would thoroughly recommend the college to anyone who would like to study their favourite subjects in depth. This college inspires the students to achieve not only the grades but to also be able to apply their knowledge beyond the curriculum.

Thivyaa S, University of Birmingham

I had a really good experience attending Harrow Independent College. The teaching was so clear and catered well to any knowledge I had or may not have had. In all the subjects I took, the learning experience was very interactive and taught from the basics up to very high standards.

K Kuruparan, Kings College London – Dentistry BDS

I really liked the atmosphere that this college gave me.  Everything was easy going and relaxed yet I was able to be extremely productive; it is the perfect studying environment for a student who is determined for success. The teachers are extremely friendly and classroom learning has never been boring or passive, which is brilliant.

My experience here was amazing and I honestly enjoyed it so much. It has certainly helped me a lot   with regards to achieving the grades I’ve wanted, which has essentially allowed me to get into such an excellent university to do the degree I have always wanted to do. It was also amazing to meet new friends; I am still in contact with those who I met at this college.

The college is brilliant in terms of providing the support   a student essentially needs; the tutors are friendly    whilst making sure they teach you at their best of their abilities.

Janani Nishyanthan – A Level student at HIC (2016/17)

Janani aspires to build a career in Biomedical Science. She is secured a place at Kings College, London in the coming academic year.  At present she is studying Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics at HIC. Her favourite subject is Mathematics at HIC. She is very enthusiastic about HIC and highly recommends HIC to others as she says “HIC pushed me and provided me with all the support I needed throughout my studies. I rate HIC as a very good college with a great student-teacher relationship. HIC has small class sizes and teachers give individual attention to students. These are the best unique features to recommend HIC to outside students and I will certainly do that”.

Luchna Sivakumaran – A Level student at HIC (2016/17)

Luchna aspires to be a Law student and has already secured a place in De Montfort University. She is pursuing her A levels at HIC in English Literature, Economics and Sociology. She has been studying at HIC in the past as well as a part-time student however, this year she continued as a full-time student. She is highly impressed with HIC which is clearly reflecting in her own words – “I used to come to HIC for tuition and found the teaching really good. My best subject at HIC is Economics. I was given individual care and attention by my teachers always. By doing past papers on a constant basis and being assessed every week my teachers supported me well in enhancing my confidence and subject knowledge. The student-teacher relationship at HIC is very good. If someone asks me about HIC, I will definitely recommend it because of its quality teaching”.

Vinusha Srimukunthan – A Level student at HIC (2016/17)

Vinusha is studying Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry in her A levels and has chosen her career in Medicine. Her best subject at HIC is Mathematics and she says that “Mathematics was always taught in an engaging environment. My overall experience at HIC is very good because HIC has a very cosy environment, friendly students and easily approachable teachers. HIC has catered to all my needs and has done it’s best to try an get me into medicine. I would definitely recommend HIC to others because of it’s welcoming environment and hard working and encouraging teachers”.

Vinoja Anthonypillai – A Level student at HIC (2016/17)

Vinoja is studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Economics and looking forward to build her career in Financial Economics. She has successfully secured a place at De Montfort University. While sharing her thoughts about HIC she says “My overall experience at HIC is great. I was given a lot of support in overcoming difficulties in my subjects. I will surely recommend HIC to others for its very good teaching”.