Student Support

HIC is keen to help its students in each and every phase of their education. There are several standard procedures to provide student support. Apart from that HIC provides advice and counseling to students in stressful situations. Our teachers always keep a check on students’ overall behavior so that whenever they need extra support and counseling they is able to timely deliver it to the students. HIC student relationship is like a family and our teachers give personalised attention and treat each student equally to help them come at par with top students. There are several ways using which HIC ensures students are best supported.



The Teaching  handout is designed to give suggestive approach as to the study of a particular topic. The Teachers  of HIC are required to distribute handouts to students to make the taught topic easy to understand. However, student should make sure that he/she consult all the recommended books on top of the Teaching  handouts.


There are lots of books in the market for each of the subjects and it is not possible for new students to actually understand what to read or not to read. Most importantly the students cannot decide which book to read to meet the standard of the level they are studying. In such a case students need guideline from the academics. HIC’s Teachers  provide a list of academic textbooks that are recommended as essential reading. They also recommend another list of books as additional reading.

Studennts are strongly advised to read and focus on the essential reading list. The additional readings have been recommended to help students learn more and get support to their essential understanding of the topic.


HIC is always sincere about the quality assurance and this is the reason why all the courses include Mock Examinations for the students. The students must appear at all the mock examinations before they actually appear at the final examinations.


HIC is very much keen to prepare the students for the final examinations. To prepare the students properly our teachers provide feedbacks. The feedbacks actually provide details of strengths, weaknesses of the students and also provide ways to improve.

The feedback also provides guideline to continuously develop their skills and analytical ability in dealing with problems as posed by the questions. The purpose of feedback is not to show the students what their difficulties are, but to show what they need to do to develop in case of any difficulties.


We understand that before the examinations the students are mostly worried about the examinations. The students mostly are concerned about the techniques of examinations, about the issues that are most likely to be examined by the examiners, and so on.

The special revision teachings have been designed to deal with the examinations preparations, to discuss different techniques about how to tackle a question in the examinations. This preparatory revision teachings help the students to develop confidence to appear at the examinations.


HIC  provides its registered students with free English language support in addition to the main course. If you have any weakness in English or if you are advised by your module tutor, you can participate in English Language Support programme free of cost. Furthermore, you will get sufficient English Language books and other resources in the LRC to enrich your skills in English.


University Preparation Program (UPP) is our special course for students who are planning to apply to UK universities. With our UP Program there are several benefits attached.

Some of the important aspects which are covered in this program are:

  1. Providing tips and techniques on how to write a personal statement,
  2. Proving useful instructions and advice on taking interviews.
  3. Providing personalised feedback and information on variety of potential universities in the UK.
  4. Assisting candidates in selecting the best universities across UK.


HIC is proud of its tradition of helping all students to fulfill their potential. In addition to our inspirational teaching and academic tutelage, HIC provides excellent student support in both the selection of and application to the most appropriate Higher Education institution.


HIC provides in campus photocopying and printing services to the students. You do not need to go outside the campus for printing or photocopying learning materials. The services are provided at a minimum price.


In day to day life, you may encounter problems from various angles and of different sorts. However, not all the problems are of the same nature and gravity.

Student may come to the counseling service with a wide range of personal or study-related issues which are causing concern or emotional distress. Sometimes student may be worried that his/her problem is not serious enough to bring to counseling.  In fact, we do not compare the problems you bring.  The most significant thing to us is that what you are bringing is important to you and is preventing you from becoming fully involved in your life at Harrow Independent College. Student Counselling Service of Harrow Independent College assists students with a variety of concerns.