Students and Parents Feedback

At HIC, we encourage our students and their parents to share their experiences and feedback so that we work on improving our services and standards of teaching on a continuous basis.
We are very thankful to our students and parents community in sharing their valuable inputs, feedback and commentaries about their experience at HIC.

Here’s what some of our brilliant students and their parents say…..

Noin Lidzhiev, GCSE Student at HIC, 2021-22

                             “I am absolutely happy to study at HIC. Personally, I who started with the basic knowledge that I gained in elementary school, most of which I did not even understand, improved my understanding of them and found the most real motivation; this would not have happened without my teachers to whom I will definitely be grateful for the rest of my life!

The only thing I want to say is that there are highly qualified teachers who are ready to help with any of your problems; they devote enough time to each student and look for the best option suitable for absolutely everyone. They also do not forget about the mental health of students and try in every possible way to support it in all possible ways, which helps a lot in difficult moments during exams. This college is the best option to truly embark on the right path of education, master useful and meaningful skills and ensure a happy, successful and prosperous future!”

Diviya Ram Mohan, GCE A-Level Student 2021-22

                           “In my A-Levels, each topic was taught thoroughly. Lots of resources were given and exam paper practice sessions were conducted. I cleared a lot of my doubts in the subjects while studying at HIC. Studying in day lessons and also after school and weekend tuition at the college also helped me a lot. I improved a lot in my subjects. Each teacher guided me on what to do to improve my performance in my subjects. Support for UCAS application was also good. Teachers spend more time individually in supporting students.”

Swapnil Mukherjee, GCE A-Level Student 2019-20

Here’s what Swapnil says about his experience at HIC  Click to watch his Video

Kavin Ganesh , GCE A-Level Student 2019-20

Here’s what Kavin says about his experience at HIC  Click to watch his Video

Ladondra Clark, GCE A-Level Student 2020-21, 2021-22

Here’s what Ladondra says about his experience at HIC  Click to watch her Video

Angela V Hart, Parent of Jacob Sawyerr

                        “I just wanted to say thank you very much for the way you all accommodated and supported Jacob with such care during his Psychology paper. You all went above and beyond to ensure that Jacob felt calm and relaxed and therefore able to perform to the best that he could on the day. At the end of the day it turned out to be a very positive and encouraging experience for him. Regardless of results I just wanted to let you you all know that we both appreciated it very much and we continue to be very grateful to be part of the HIC college community!”

Gurudaran Sabeshan, UCL

                “HIC provided an excellent standard of teaching which allowed me to get the grades A* A A, which means that I can go to my dream University ( UCL) to study Statistics, Economics and Finance”.

Ayuran S, University of Bristol

                    “Kandiah was capable of providing such excellent classes through his own teaching methods and is known for having a very engaging learning environment which was beneficial for me. My experience was in fact a very enjoyable one; Kandiah was able to teach in a very open, stress free environment, ensuring that each and every student understood the topics he was teaching before moving on. Learning at HIC is a very interactive experience which really helps to re-enforce knowledge and I could see this improvement very literally in my grades”

“One thing in particular I liked about the learning here was the ability of the teacher to explain very complex ideas and concepts especially in physics and mathematics using simple analogies that are much easier to understand”

“The learning environment here is relaxed, and is mainly focused on each individual student achieving their own personal goals. I would fully recommend it for anyone willing to learn and improve  themselves”.

Archanaa E, UCL

                    “Learning at Harrow Independent College provided me with some of the best resources available for examinations from detailed notes to exam styled questions specifically prepared by the tutors at the centre. I developed good study habits along the way which helped me perform well in the summer exams”.

Aryan Singh, GCE A-Level student at HIC, 2021-22


“My overall experience at HIC was extremely good, as it not only showed exponential growth in my grades but also the college brought the motivation and self-discipline in me to achieve the highest standards in my studies.”

Sajeev Karunakaran, GCE A-Level Part-Time Student 2021-22

My overall experience was good at HIC because I could cover all topics thoroughly at a faster pace. When I came here, I was struggling in Further Mathematics, and I have seen my most progress happening here.

I have been given great attention as whenever I have doubts from my own work, Kandeepan sir always goes through them and resolve my doubts.”

Rishiharan Raghulan, GCE A Level student at Watford Grammar School for Boys

“Harrow Independent College has brilliant teachers who are determined to help us excel as students. My grades have improved in my subjects after studying at this college. Teachers helps us do lots of past paper practice and the content is taught thoroughly with each topic explained well. Studying at HIC is a wonderful experience as it has enriched my knowledge in my subjects. I received high attention and care at HIC.”

Saumiyaa Mylvaganam, GCSE student at Dr Challoners High School

“My overall experience at Harrow Independent College was really good because the teachers give me areas of improvements so I get higher grades. They provide really good individual attention and care so you can achieve higher scores. The student-teacher relationship is really benefiting because they go through the questions with you carefully. I would recommend this college to my friends. The strength of the college is they teach you topics before those topics are been taught in school and hence you can answer questions well in your school.”

Eric Kamalendran, GCE A Level student at St Dominics Sixth Form College

“Since I started coming to HIC, it has been an overwhelming experience as everyone around me is very friendly be the teachers and my classmates. The teaching here is formidable and I do enjoy looking forward to class every Saturday morning. I did not do well in my mock exam back in December 2017 however, Kandeepan sir made sure I was motivated and made me work hard for my end of year exams  in May 2018 by creating challenges in class and improving my exam technique. The teaching here is amazing; definitely getting your money’s worth. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and is a way to meet new people and make new friends.”

Yenuson Venderkoon, GCE A Level student at The John Lyon School

“Maths and Physics are taught by the teacher Mr Kandiah Kandeepan and provides the best education in both. They provide you with a lot of attention and the working class is enjoyable as well as educational. I get useful help with questions and advice with decision making. For example: asking if it is a good option to take Mathematics A Level a year early. There is a good working atmosphere; a place where your doubts are cleared.”

Pritikga Uthayanan, GCE A Level student at HIC, Ex-school – Ealing Independent College

“I chose HIC because the teachers seemed motivational and very helpful. They are determined that the students will do well. A lot of attention and support is given by all subject teachers.  Teachers are always there to motivate you to progress in your subjects.”

Saravania Selvaratnam, GCE A Level student at HIC, Ex-school – Bentley Wood, Stanmore

“I chose Harrow Independent College because of the way the classes are conducted in groups. The teaching style is more direct to the students. I like the way there are tutorial sessions so we can ask for help of our choice and get a whole lesson to work on it. My overall experience is good, I have always felt that the school is flexible with me and always tried to find good ways to make me feel comfortable and stress free. They are always there when I need them; I have always been asked if I am okay in my subjects.”

Anuradha Gunaratne, GCE A Level student at Upton Court Grammar School

“Mathematics is very well explained. Economics is very helpful. I would recommend this college. It is very studious allowing students to be ahead of the syllabus compared to other schools. It helps clearly summarise and explain topics to achieve high grades.”

Seeitha Sivarajah, GCE A Level student at Haberdashers Aske’s Girls High School

“I have had an amazing experience as the teachers make learning more enjoyable and concepts easier to understand. They are always willing to spend extra time with me and answer my questions thoroughly. They also understand that exams are very time pressured so they teach us the fastest methods to use which I find very helpful.

They have provided a lot of individual care and I have seen major improvements in all aspects of my education. They have taken the time to fill the gaps in my knowledge.”

Taha Sikafi, GCE A Level student at Upton Court Grammar School

“It is a very comfortable yet hard-working experience. I find Mathematics coaching to be the best followed closely by Biology. I had a lot of one-on-one attention due to the small class size. Student -teacher relationship is amazing. I have recommended this college to a lot of people in my school and my family.”

JR, University of Cambridge

“I chose Harrow Independent College because it tailors to the needs of each individual student, with tutors who are not only interested in their chosen subjects but who are also very skilled in teaching and aiding their students to grasp a true understanding of the subject at hand. It provides excellent support to students of all standards.

Harrow Independent College has a relaxed and friendly working environment. It felt very comfortable asking questions and this therefore allowed me to understand my subjects properly.

Harrow Independent College has given me a lot of individual care and attention which has aided me in achieving my best.

I would thoroughly recommend the college to anyone who would like to study their favourite subjects in depth. This college inspires the students to achieve not only the grades but to also be able to apply their knowledge beyond the curriculum.”

Thivyaa S, University of Birmingham

“I had a really good experience attending Harrow Independent College. The teaching was so clear and catered well to any knowledge I had or may not have had. In all the subjects I took, the learning experience was very interactive and taught from the basics up to very high standards.”

K Kuruparan, Kings College London

“I really liked the atmosphere that this college gave me.  Everything was easy going and relaxed yet I was able to be extremely productive; it is the perfect studying environment for a student who is determined for success. The teachers are extremely friendly and classroom learning has never been boring or passive, which is brilliant.

My experience here was amazing and I honestly enjoyed it so much. It has certainly helped me a lot   with regards to achieving the grades I’ve wanted, which has essentially allowed me to get into such an excellent university to do the degree I have always wanted to do. It was also amazing to meet new friends; I am still in contact with those who I met at this college.

The college is brilliant in terms of providing the support   a student essentially needs; the tutors are friendly    whilst making sure they teach you at their best of their abilities.”


“HIC pushed me and provided me with all the support I needed throughout my studies. I rate HIC as a very good college with a great student-teacher relationship. HIC has small class sizes and teachers give individual attention to students. These are the best unique features to recommend HIC to outside students and I will certainly do that”.

Luchna Sivakumaran – De Montfort University

“I used to come to HIC for tuition and found the teaching really good. My best subject at HIC is Economics. I was given individual care and attention by my teachers always. By doing past papers on a constant basis and being assessed every week my teachers supported me well in enhancing my confidence and subject knowledge. The student-teacher relationship at HIC is very good. If someone asks me about HIC, I will definitely recommend it because of its quality teaching”.


“Mathematics was always taught in an engaging environment. My overall experience at HIC is very good because HIC has a very cosy environment, friendly students and easily approachable teachers. HIC has catered to all my needs and has done it’s best to try an get me into medicine. I would definitely recommend HIC to others because of it’s welcoming environment and hard working and encouraging teachers”.

Vinoja Anthonypillai – HERTS

“My overall experience at HIC is great. I was given a lot of support in overcoming difficulties in my subjects. I will surely recommend HIC to others for its very good teaching”.