At HIC we offer variety of courses for post-fourteen students. These courses are divided into three major catagories; 1)GCSE  2)GCE A Levels  and 3)BTEC HNC Level 4 & HND Level 5

Each student is given individual attention by personal tutor and subject teachers. The comfort of small class sizes promotes a better student- teacher relationship. The college is always helping students to reach their maximum potential by offering focused learning in small classes. Our high academic focus compliments student encouragement and friendly teacher-student relationship which together generates better grades for students. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers work with students using the SWOT analysis. This technique enables them to identify strengths and weaknesses of students, provide better opportunities to enhance their knowledge and confidence and eliminate threats like stress and imbalances.

HIC provides various engagement opportunities to students such as debates, work experiences and shadowing, external and internal exam preparation workshops, student assemblies, knowledge quizzes, external field trips and university preparation workshops. Revision and exam preparation classes provide students with that desired additional support which is needed to sustain in the competition.

GCSE – General Certificate of Secondary Education Courses

  1. One Year Intensive GCSE Programme – Our One year intensive GCSE programme is available for candidates wishing to retake their GCSEs and complete their course with high grades. This course is also suitable for candidates who have already completed Year 10 elsewhere, however are not satisfied with the results and/or looking for a fresh start in Year 11.
  2. Full Two Year Regular GCSE Programme – Candidates enrolling in Year 10 normally follow the conventional two years of GCSE education.

Subjects offered: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Psychology, Arts, Economics and Government & Politics. In addition, students must study at least one modern language from French and German.

GCE A Levels – General Certificate in Education or Advanced Level Courses

  1. One Year Intensive A Level Programme – This course offers an intensive approach to the candidate’s chosen subjects. This one-year focused approach is useful for candidates who have completed AS Levels and/or A Levels elsewhere however have not achieved their desired grades and therefore wish to retake their exams.
  2. Two Years A Level Regular Programme – This is designed for candidates who have completed their GCSE courses. Candidates will study 3 to 4 subjects in the AS Levels and prepare 3 of these subjects for their A levels. Very high caliber candidates may continue with all 4 subjects.
  3. 18 Months Intensive A Level Programme – Our 18 Months A Level Intensive Programme begins in January. It is particularly suitable for candidates who are wishing to retake the full 2-year A Level programme, but who were unable to begin in September, or who wish to change school after a term.

Subjects offered: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Economics, English Language and Literature, Sociology, Psychology, Government and Politics, Law and Accounting.

BTEC Higher National Programmes (Level 4 and 5)

Data Analytics (DA) is one of the blooming disciplines and it is taking over a lead role in all the businesses, commerce, and other relevant sectors to transform them into data-driven decision makers which help them in increasing their productivity. As per the statistics, there is a shortage of skilled data analysts in the industry as of now.

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a part of our life now; from mobile phones to self-driving cars, anything with technology will not function without AI. There is a high demand for AI and many job opportunities are available for AI engineers in all types of sectors and industries.

HIC is bringing DA and AI specialised Higher Education to your doorsteps. HIC provides 2 Higher National Certificate(HNC) to Higher National Diploma(HND) programmes for aspiring candidates to become  Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence experts.

  1. HND in Data Analytics programme: It is for those candidates who would like to develop their carrier in Data Analytics.
  2. HND in Intelligent Systems programme : It is ideal for those candidates who wish to build a career in the Artificial Intelligence sector.

HIC provides excellence in education and hands-on training in affordable value for money. Career prospects can include AI Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers. Alternatively, there are opportunities for AI-based Game Developers.

The HNC/HND qualifications at HIC offers a choice of a general Computing strand at level 4 and two specialist pathways at level 5, with a range of general and specialist units, core and optional:

  1. Data Analytics (Path 1)
  2. Intelligent Systems (Path 2)

Each unit has a clear purpose: to cater for the increasing need for high quality professional and technical education pathways at levels 4 and 5, providing students with a clear line of sight to employment or progression to a degree at level 6. Each pathway consists of a total of 120 credits at level 5, delivered via core, specialist and optional units.