About HIC

Harrow Independent College (HIC) is a specialist sixth-form college of Mathematics, Science and Economics, based in the heart of London’s Harrow.

Our Mission is to identify the individual needs of learners and satisfy them, to improve their skills and knowledge and achieve their maximum potential.

As a way of development and learning, HIC values:

  • All our students and their individual achievements
  • The commitment and professionalism of our members of staff
  • The highest standards in all that we do
  • Working together to meet the needs of our college and the wider community
  • Effective, efficient and appropriate use of resources
  • Respect, equality and honesty for all


HIC believes that personal attention is the hallmark of a successful college. With this in mind, we have an average class size of six to eight students, and we allocate a personal tutor to every student. The college strives to stimulate independent enquiry and intellectual curiosity to foster a secure sense of individuality. This is achieved within a framework of sensible discipline based on sound moral values.


HIC benefits from a strong, competitive community which encourages students to learn and achieve high standards. Students are benefitted from a friendly and approachable relationship with staff members, based on mutual trust and respect. The college tailors its teaching methodologies to provide maximum benefit with a detailed focus on individual student needs. Our teachers work with students to build their individual learning plans (ILPs) and review them at regular intervals. These ILPs consist of realistic SMART targets using a WHAT, HOW and WHEN approach. These plans also contain a work timetable which is best suited to meet our students’ aspirations. We feel that some students who strive hard to achieve their best in a traditional school environment will benefit from the classroom environment that HIC provides which is more resourceful, compact, approachable and caters to fulfilling their individual needs.

Students aiming to do degree courses through top universities require such target setting approach which is rigorous and requires review at every stage of their education in the sixth form which is conveniently achieved at HIC.

We never lose sight of the specific examination needs of each subject. HIC strongly believes that examination testing is integral to ensuring student success. Regular practice is a feature which HIC is very proud of. Students are given a timed and invigilated practice paper session for each of their subjects on a weekly basis. By the end of the year, students will have accumulated a vast quantity of such practice under strict exam conditions, so that they are thoroughly prepared for the final exams. Results are monitored and discussed with students. Concerns at this stage are reported to students and parents so that constructive conversations can take place between the parties. However, whilst grades remain the key focus, we never forget the importance of gaining a breadth of knowledge across all subject areas and hence, we focus on creating a multi-disciplinary learning environment aiming at the overall curriculum coverage for our students.


We encourage all our students to use the SMART approach to Examinations

S – SPECIFIC to the subject, or desired university course and career

M – MEASURABLE in Marks/Grades

A – ACHIEVABLE within the student’s control and ability

– RELEVANT to the syllabus and exam

T – TIME-BOUND to a target date for completion before the exam