University Preparation Program (UPP)


University Preparation Program (UPP) is our special course for students who are planning to apply to UK universities. With our UP Program there are several benefits attached.

Some of the important aspects which are covered in this program are:

  • Providing tips and techniques on how to write a personal statement,
  • Proving useful instructions and advice on taking interviews.
  • Providing personalised feedback and information on variety of potential universities in the UK.
  • Assisting candidates in selecting the best universities across UK.

Why go for UPP?

To enrol in the UP Program, student will be asked to inform us about institutions and universities he/she is intending to apply, their choice of subjects, and their predicted exam grades. Based on their responses our teachers will prepare subject based advice and also create a schedule for them to be able to cover important aspects of UPP mentioned above.

Initially students will have an opportunity to explore the different universities and courses available to them in the UK. During the course our teachers will help them acquire knowledge on a variety of UK universities and their administrative and academic structures. Our teachers will also give personalised advice on identifying academic strengths and the social and extra-curricular aspects of different universities. The programme will also include trips to some of the most prestigious universities in the UK.

Learning Objectives

This course aims to:

  • Pioneering students to the practical needs of applying to UK universities through UCAS.
  • Develop students’ knowledge about the different courses and universities available in the UK.
  • Direct students through the process of choosing a university and a course.
  • Help students on how to write personal statements.
  • Providing useful tips and advice on successfully taking university interviews.
  • Providing students with the experience of visiting at least two top UK universities.