Student Counselling

The Student Counselling Service offers brief counselling to all full-time students of Harrow Independent College. It is free and confidential. Dr Sivapriya Kandeepan is our registered Health and Medical advisor and she also provides counselling to our students. Students can book their assessment session with the student counsellor anytime by contacting us through email which is or call us at 02084236227. Duration of a counselling session is normally between 30 minutes to 50 minutes.

What is Counselling

Counselling gives you an opportunity to talk to someone unbiased who will help you explore any thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are causing you problems in your life.


Aims of student counselling

  • To help you share a problem, or to examine a situation that is causing you to feel distressed, unhappy, anxious and/or “stuck”
  • To enable you to reach a greater understanding of yourself and your situation by exploring the issues with a counsellor
  • To help you work through problems to find a better resolution

Why talk to a counsellor?

Counsellors are different from friends and family

  • they are outside your daily life
  • they will not judge, criticise or make assumptions
  • they are neutral