Entry Requirements

HIC is academically strong college and selects students for two year A-Level Courses according to the below mentioned entry criteria:

  • The student must have grades between A*-C in his/her GCSE exams (5 subjects).
  • Mathematics and English with minimum C grades are a pre-requisite.
  • If the student doesn’t have Mathematics and English, he/she can still enrol in the course however, he/she must take/ retake their GCSE exam for Mathematics and English and must obtain minimum grade C to qualify for the two year A-Level full time course.



  1. All prospective students wishing to study at Harrow Independent College have to complete and submit the College Application Form which can be done via email, and post or in person.
  2. Where the application is submitted through the Agent, the Agent will make an initial assessment of the students’ ability to study at Harrow Independent College In making the initial assessment, the Agent will have particular regard to the following factors i.e. Previous Qualifications/Experience, Course Entry Requirements, English Language Proficiency, Visa Status, and Financial Ability (maintenance) to study. After the initial assessment, the documents will be finally assessed by the college and decision will be taken as to whether or not to accept the student at Harrow Independent College
  3. Where the application will be submitted directly to the college, the college will make the assessment by considering the students’ Previous Qualifications/Experience, Course Entry Requirements, English Language Proficiency, Visa Status, and Financial Ability (maintenance) to study in the country
  4. The initial decision regarding the admission will be taken by the Admissions Officer, while the final decision must be taken and confirmed by the Academic Head or Chief Executive.
  5. On acceptance of the application, based on the information provided by the student in the completed Application Form and copies of the documents enclosed, the college will send a Conditional Offer Letter which will state that the college is willing to offer the student a place on the course subject to the payment of the tuition fee in full or in instalments, and/or after receiving all the required documents, the conditions of which will be stated in the Letter.
  6. All successful overseas applicants to any of the HIC programmes are required to pay a minimum deposit plus non-refundable registration fee £100 to accept their place.
  7. Upon receiving the deposit and/or the required documents, the college will send the prospective student a Confirmation of Acceptance Letter and other relevant documents which he/she can present to the authorities concerned, e.g. Immigration departments, local authorities in the student’s country of origin.
  8. When students arrive at Harrow Independent College they will be welcomed to the campus during enrolment day. Enrolment is the administration process that students have to attend when they first arrive at the college, and it will involve registering for classes, settling any outstanding fees, collecting books (if applicable), and timetables. It is also an opportunity for the students to meet academic and administrative staff, and collect any letters/documents, open a bank account, apply for student discount card, and much more.
  9. Upon arrival at the college, for the full enrolment procedure, the students will have to provide the original copies of the qualifications listed in the Application Form and/or other required documents (e.g. Awarding Body Registration confirmation).
  10. The college will ensure that prior to the Induction Day, fee arrangements are in place and Student ID card and other relevant documents are ready for Students’ collection.
  11. Each student will be given a copy of the Student Handbook.


Students must submit the following documents for enrolment:

  • Three passport-sized photographs
  • Photocopies of qualifications (if in a language other than English, please provide English translations certified by a relevant authority)
  • Evidence of work experience, where applicable
  • Passport with Valid Visa
  • Confirmation of Acceptance Letter issued by the college
  • Registration document issued by the relevant awarding body (if applicable)
  • Address (with postcode), telephone number/mobile telephone number and e-mail address
  • Overseas address (with postcode), telephone number/mobile telephone number and e-mail ID


  • Welcome Pack
  • Health and Safety Instructions
  • Who is who
  • Student Handbook
  • Enrolment and other letters (e.g. NI Letter)
  • ID Card
  • Class Time-table
  • Personal Tutor’s details
  • Change of Contact Details Form