GCSE Courses

Achieving an up-to-date formal qualification will demonstrate that students have desired skills that prospective employers are looking for. These skills will give students an advantage when they apply for Employment. GCSE lays a strong foundation for GCE A Levels which will also help students in their University education. Therefore our teachers are committed to help our students starting from Year 10  in each and every phase of their GCSE education. Teachers provide students with sufficient support at every level to help them achieve high grades in their GCSE exams.

At HIC, the GCSE courses are divided in the following two categories:

  1. One Year Intensive GCSE Programme – Our One year intensive GCSE programme is available for candidates wishing to retake their GCSEs and complete their course with high grades. This course is also suitable for candidates who have already completed Year 10 elsewhere, however are not satisfied with the results and/or looking for a fresh start in Year 11.
  2. Full Two Year Regular GCSE Programme – Candidates enrolling in Year 10 normally follow the conventional two years of GCSE education.

Subjects offered:

a) Core subjects are – English, Maths, Science

b)Foundation subjects are – Computing, Physical Education, Citizenship,

c)Additional subjects are: PE, Geography, D&T, French and Photography