Covid-19 testing Weekly Testing

Following the latest Government guidance, HIC had conducted coronavirus tests for both its staff and students on 6th and 7th March. The weekly testing for staff and students is well organised. This had made sure everyone could return to their normal learning and teaching schedule safely and the risk of spreading the virus is minimised before the College is reopened on Monday 8th March.

To achieve this, the College has set up the COVID response team to manage the process throughout, which included following up on people on records, keeping track of potential cases if any and circulating test schedules and updates to keep all informed.

The team consists of key members including

  • Ritu Tripathy (Team leader)
  • Priya Kandeepan (volunteer)
  • Theebika and Thibava (volunteers)
  • Kandiah Kandeepan (Head of the College and provider testing site for HIC)

The team will continue monitor and progress follow-up tests of all staff and students after the College has returned to its normal teaching and learning. It will ensure all health and test results are reported timely such that Covid risk is reduced to minimal at the College.