Work shadowing experience at MP office –  report by an A Level Politics student, February 2018

In January I had the opportunity of shadowing Mr Gareth Thomas who is currently the MP representing the constituency of West Harrow. It was a great work experience as it gave me real contact with one of the most important political institutions of our country.

Also, I could get an insight in what being an MP entails. The experience helped me to understand the large amount of empathy and knowledge MPs need in order to form close connections with their constituents and help them in their struggles.

I also learnt how political parties operate when campaigning for an election and how they successfully gain voters while at the same time being loyal to their core principles. Specifically I was asked to help with mapping routes for canvassing constituents in relation to the next local election. I can see how understanding the concerns of real people keeps MPs grounded and gives meaning to their jobs. The contact with their constituents is also essential in order to understand how issues change in the constituency and how this change affects everyone.

I think I understand politics more now and can say that there is much more in it than what is portrayed by the media.