University Pathway Advice

Harrow Independent College (HIC) provides a wide-ranging Career Advice service for all our students.

During the past seven years we have achieved 90% progression to top Universities in highly demanded disciplines.

HIC’s carefully crafted University Progression System (UPS)

The HIC UPS will help students to develop the skills, knowledge, competence, expertise and confidence needed to success at both University and the professional world. HIC teachers are constantly encouraging and developing analytical and thinking skills in each and every student.

Alongside this, the UPS provides the student with the right strategic and tactical approach to enter into higher education. As a result HIC students acquire the necessary expertise and capacity to both enter and excel at their chosen University.

HIC provides many opportunities for students to benefit from informal university progression guidance. For example, prior to the UCAS application deadline, the College invites a variety of career-advice specialists to present degree pathways and career options, as well as give one-to-one advice on how to secure places at the top universities. HIC specialises in fostering students and guiding them into Higher Education so that they eventually attain place in their chosen Universities. Such careers require special and focused training starting from the time students are at school, especially as they embark on their A levels. HIC sets targets that are ambitious but always realistic. At this crucial time, the HIC University Progression System empowers each student in making the most appropriate UCAS choice to ensure they secure their desired place at a top university, leading into their chosen career.