Extra-Curricular Activities

HIC takes pride in providing time and opportunity to all the students in taking part in extracurricular activities like potlucks, indoor and outdoor parties, festivities celebrations, quizzes, debate clubs and other events & competitions.

The college is conveniently located within close proximity to the below mentioned sports and leisure facilities at Harrow Sports and leisure centre, Harrow School Enterprises & Ruislip leisure centre.

Apart from the above, the college also facilitates a Table Tennis inside the college premises.

The college runs a Student Debate Club wherein best Debaters are awarded with certificates, gift vouchers and trophies.

Debate club provides a platform which is fun and focus on educational enrichment. Debates centre around topical issues chosen by the students.

The Weekly Debate activity helps our students in

  • building strong communication skills and ability to think quickly
  • practicing critical and creative thinking
  • challenging existing views and opens up new ideas and arguments
  • contributing in  the wider school culture
  • having fun!