Pre-University Foundation Programme for International Students (Bridging Programme)

Pre-university Foundation Programmes at HIC are specifically designed to meet the needs of international students who have already completed their GCE A level in their own country (local equivalent GCE A level or British Curriculum) and are unable to secure a university place because of not meeting the rigorous entry requirements of the top UK universities, and those who are not used to the western academic system.

At HIC our highly experienced international team consists of Dr David Preston, Graham Minshaw and Kathir Suhanthan, who have worked in the UK University International sector for over 20 years covering China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka etc. Under their expert advice and guidance blended with HIC’s GCE A level expertise and experience,  HIC is positioned in such a way that all international students could benefit immensely from this course which will open doors to top UK universities for international students.

The International Pathway program will allow all the international students to learn the UK style of academic writing, constructing logical arguments, critical thinking, and many other essential learning and development which will prepare them for UK university study.

Many top UK universities appreciate and encourage international students to take up this program before they enroll on their undergraduate programs in top UK Universities. Increasingly more and more international students are enrolling on these programs and taking advantage of equipping themselves to face the academic challenges at the degree level.

Aims and objectives

The Foundation course is a step ahead of GCE A level program at the same time this program will fill in the gaps and fulfill the UK universities stringent entry criteria. This is specially designed to focus on key areas of UK academic criteria, expand the student’s knowledge, improve the academic writing skills to a level on par with the UK students and allow them to familiarise international students with western culture, weather, living style, British Manners etc., and will prepare them for smooth transitions and success at university.

This will qualify for the six-month Short Term Study Visa for all international students.