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We believe that HIC offers you the ideal setting to embark on the next stage of your educational career and one in which you will be able to thrive academically and grow as an individual. We are committed not just to your academic success but to ensuring that you have the opportunity to develop the skills and qualities that will help you prepare for the future.

Our Mission is to identify the individual needs of learners and satisfy them, to improve their skills and knowledge and achieve their maximum potential.

We have a strong track record in providing the appropriate support to allow our students to successfully progress to the next stage in their careers, whether that be higher education, an apprenticeship or employment. 100% of our students progress to degree-level courses, many gaining places at the most prestigious universities in the country.

When you join us, you will become part of the HIC student family; wherein each student follows an individual study programme relevant to their needs and ambitions. You will find a friendly and exciting atmosphere where positive relationships are always promoted. Our teaching staff are specialists in post-16 education, both in their subject areas and in the support, they provide through our tutorial system.

We pride ourselves on a successful record in enabling students from all types of backgrounds to reach their full potential. If you have specific educational needs, we will ensure that your special needs are taken care of at every stage of your education at HIC.

                         “I am delighted to study at HIC. Personally, I, who started with the basic knowledge that I gained in elementary school, most of which I did not even understand, improved my understanding of them and found the most real motivation; this would not have happened without my teachers to whom I will be grateful for the rest of my life!

I only want to say that there are highly qualified teachers who are ready to help with any of your problems; they devote enough time to each student and look for the best option suitable for everyone. They also do not forget about students’ mental health and try in every possible way to support it in all imaginable ways, which helps a lot in difficult moments during exams. This college is the best option to truly embark on the right path of education, master useful and meaningful skills and ensure a happy, prosperous future!”

– Noin Lidzhiev, GCSE Student 2021-22

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